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Welcome to the KGAK 1330 AM Radio Website!

“All Navajo All the Time” 1330 KGAK delivers live-broadcast local, regional and national news, entertainment and public affairs issues 365 days and nights a year; and serves the Diné (Navajo People) within a 100 plus mile radius surrounding Gallup, New Mexico, USA. Roughly 75% of the population of McKinley County, NM, which includes Gallup as its County Seat, is Native American.

Morning Host Veteran and KGAK Program Director, Harrison Dehiya, is well-known for his dedicated and trustworthy delivery of the weekday’s morning news, but he is equally famous for his legendary and super-lively play-by-play Regional Girls and Boys High School Hoops and Football announcing…all in Diné Bizaad…the Navajo language. Harrison’s legendary program sets the regional standard for what Radio does best…namely: inform and entertain.

The KGAK radio ship stays afloat through the afternoon and it sails into every sunset with more Country Music and Traditional songs, chants and drums and an occasional informative forum. Thousands are listening, both on and off the sprawling Navajo Nation, an area roughly the size of West Virginia.

Harrison, along with on-air staffers,   LeAaron, Beth, Kenneth, Martha, Carol and Eugene; and Office Manager and Traffic Director, (Zuni) Angie; account execs Pat and (Navajo) Angie…and Station Manager, David…and all of our valued advertisers and sponsors thank You for listening!

This page is dedicated to the memory of our friends and colleagues…longtime KGAK Program Director, Leandro Jodie and on-air personality Jerry (The Moose) Murphy.